Welcome to fridayfika, a place where I will chronicle some of the things that make life beautiful and juicy to me.

What is “fika” you might ask. It is a Swedish word that means taking time for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, or a cup of tea and piece of fruit, or even a glass of wine with crackers and cheese and enjoying this moment. These breaks from a busy day are so important to me. Little pauses to enjoy the good in life. The theme behind “fika” is what drives my life – taking a moment to appreciate a good laugh, the simplicity of sunshine on new leaves, a good song to lift the spirits. This will guide my use of this space; it will be devoted to appreciating the good things in life. This is not to say that I am unaware of the trials we face in life, and I am certain those themes will take some space, too.

Recently, I have started a tradition of having fika at least once every week. No matter how busy I am, I will go find a cup of something comforting and a slice of something yummy – sometimes with a friend, sometimes solo. Last Friday was a busy day at work, but the afternoon called for me to push the pause button and take a stroll to find something yummy to accompany the remainder of the day’s work. A bite of hazelnut spritz, lemon-rosemary shortbread, and a cup of peppermint tea certainly did the trick. With this to fortify the rest of the work day, I was ready for a weekend of playing and rejuvenation: sitting in the sun with my man, eating good food with family, enjoying a glass of scotch (this is new to me), and going on a couple of fabulous runs around the city.

As a new week starts again, I feel ready and eager to see what takes shape!

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One thought on “hi!

  1. I’ve never heard of fika, but I like the idea very much!

    I’m very excited to keep reading about the good (and the bad) in your life. Yay for blogs… 🙂

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