everybody, all at once

Do you ever wish you could have a town made up of all of the people you really love in this world – the people who inspire you to be the best you, get your quirks and foibles, make you laugh even when you are sure your clenched jaw is here to stay, pour you just the right cup of tea or glass of wine, make you cry from intense beauty, and know just the right song to play that will get your feet tapping and your hips swinging? That would be the. ultimate.

I am having one of those Fridays where I wish I could live in that town all weekend. That is what our wedding felt like and it was totally unexpected. I knew we were inviting people who were really close to us, but then once everyone arrived, it felt like an episode of “This is your life” and people from all stages of our lives were there to laugh and smile and dance with.

Now, I certainly do not plan to get married again, but I would LOVE to recreate this cozy town of friends and family. Have you ever hosted a party and invited people from all over the country – just because? I am thinking it could become a thing that happens with a particular regularity so people wouldn’t have to feel like they’d miss out if they couldn’t make it in, say August 2014 (let’s be realistic and plan ahead for the first iteration). If August 2014 isn’t in the cards, no prob. August 2016 it is! Sounds marvy, doesn’t it! It wouldn’t have to be fully structured; it would be relaxed and cozy – a big welcome barbecue and clambake, optional bicycle rides on country roads and walks in the woods, breakfast picnics in the garden, and free time for people just to chat, drink iced tea, and read in the hammock. Sign me up! I imagine it would look and feel like these sumptuous photos…mmm


Lowcountry Oyster Roasts. Good living. 

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