not an unlucky day

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious, but I am not opposed to believing in coincidences or finding guilty pleasure in recognizing things that could be correlated. Coming from a rigorous research background, do not get me started on the academic certainty that correlation does not imply causation. But, in the rest of life if, say, you were walking along and a black cat crossed your path and then, while watching its every slinky step, you ran into a signpost, I wouldn’t not say that it was black cat-induced bad luck.

But, yesterday was an exception. Friday the 13th came and went and no bad luck struck in my world. In fact, quite the opposite! As you know by now, I make an outing for fika at least every Friday to find a beverage and goody. I leave it up to the gods of fate what that beverage and goody might be. Yesterday I walked from my office over to the baked goods section at the neighborhood market hoping for a particular blackberry jam-filled donut. They rotate their baked goods on a schedule I cannot seem to pin down – not without some meticulous, and self-motivated, observation on my part. It was a gamble heading to the baked goods aisle as I remembered the connotations of the day’s date. But lo, behold:

What better to go with such a sweet treat than a refreshing cup of minty green tea? The balance and combination of the two was just right for the afternoon. Let me tell you, this new donut craze is not difficult for me to get behind. Not. difficult. at. all. I love the donut – always have. It is comfortable in its own skin – unlike the cupcake that seems like it needed to be dolled up into fanciful (and delicious, don’t get me wrong) flavors. Donuts are fried sweet batter. Nothing too fancy about that. They seem somewhat blue-collar to me whereas cupcakes were kind of a fussy prima donna. My thought was always, why not have a slice of cake? Cupcakes – I will eat them, but do not prefer them. This donut…let me tell you. Just the right amount of fruity oozing coming from the pillowy, yeasty dough that is adorned with just the perfect dreamy, dare I say elegant, blanket of powdered sugar. Now can you see why I try to track their elusive presence in the baked goods aisle?

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