24 hour haze

International travel is exciting, stimulating, and formative. However, the actual travel portion of it is nothing if not haze-inducing. I am already three cups of coffee in, and I am eager for another dose this afternoon. An 11 hour time difference might actually not be as bad as 9 hours, though. With such a drastic flip in time the body might actually have an easier time adjusting. I’ll let you know if this arm-chair musing holds water over the coming days.

I am back in Bangkok for two weeks of work, I was here at the end of March for a week and wasn’t anticipating returning. So, I am excited to be back! My work in international development has taken me some fairly obscure places, not that Bangkok is particularly obscure, but I guess in terms of work travel, it isn’t the most common destination. That said, I am glad to have the opportunity to see this beautiful, warm (literally and figuratively) city.

“Thai” means peace and I think it is fitting. People in Thailand are full of smiles and welcoming gestures. For example, look at this beautiful plate of fruit that I found in my room this morning:

A small gesture to ensure comfort and ease – very typical as far as I can tell in the brief time I’ve spent in Thailand. The fruit platter I found last night as I stumbled in around midnight after over 24 hours of travel was even more beautiful, but taking a photo did not seem as high a priority as an email to my man to let him know I made it halfway around the world, a drink of water, and a refreshing shower.

This week will be all about work, but I am going to do my best to make some adventure out of it, too. And, I am also going to use some of the time in the hotel to catch up on posts I had in mind over the past month, but didn’t have time to write up.

Do weekly themed posts seem like a good idea. I’m thinking food, literature, international affairs, friday fikas, interior design/fashion, lazy weekends, and running. That might get to be too prescriptive, but it might also make for some consistency which is something I am trying to cultivate this year.

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