I’ll see your Reagan and raise you a Kanye

This week and next week I am in a rather confined work environment where I am the most junior person by at least 6 years. That means that everyone else has clear memories of the Soviet Union, typewriters, and Reagan as President. Last night I went out for a beer with some colleagues and had a good time, but just didn’t know what to talk with them about as that group was at least 18 years older than me. They were referencing work projects that preceded my adolescence.

My response?

Lots of Jay-Z and Kanye pumpin’ through my Mac speakers when I got back to my hotel room. That’s right. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person. Do I need to rebel? Assert my youth? Channel my inner inner-city self? Regardless, I now have had Ni**as in Paris in my head for 20 consecutive hours – not a totally bad consequence. I read an interesting article in _the Atlantic_ about Kanye and his reputation on the plane, so I was eager to satisfy my itch for listening to some good beats.

What else is going on? Well, today’s fruit plate is gorgeous. Regard:

What are those furry fruits? (!!) Rambutan or ngor in Thai. Yummy! You peel them and they are slightly sweet and have a seed in the middle. The fruit in Thailand is v. delicious. Even v. v. delicious. Mmm.

Also, Thai hospitality is impressive, I need to take lessons. I had all of my toiletries splattered around the bathroom counter the first morning I was in my room. When I came back from the day, here is what I found:So nice of them to organize my toiletries and make-up and arrange them on nice white cloths on the counter. And, why of course there is an orchid in the bathroom. Why wouldn’t there be, right?! Love.

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2 thoughts on “I’ll see your Reagan and raise you a Kanye

  1. Go, you! I love that this was your response. My go-to music for “Yeah, I’m 30 — What?” is Paula Abdul and Wyclef. And maybe a little Sublime… Because they were formative, but also because they are awesome. Enjoy your fruit!

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