Going to Carolina in my mind

James Taylor had it right – Carolina is a happy place to have in mind. JT, like myself, specifically refers to Chapel Hill when talking of Carolina. Chapel Hill is where JT grew up and where my man is and where I wish I were a great portion of the time (all of the time?). Right now, my man and I are doing the long-distance thing … again. He is in Chapel Hill and I am in Washington, DC. We are hoping the third time is the charm. It isn’t awful, but it isn’t awesome. One upside of it is that every time we are together (thankfully, relatively frequently) it is like a little mini-honeymoon. We do not let anything intrude on our time together, unless we want it to. So, that leaves plenty of time for laughing, loving, and lounging. A couple of weekends ago, I was in Chapel Hill and we did just that!

Nothing says lounging quite like a weekend morning. We have established a rather delicious routine of strong coffee and fresh popovers. Have you eaten popovers? They look fussy, but could not be further from. They are dead simple and will pop while baking – you do not have to worry about that! I first had popovers at The Jordan Pond House on Mount Desert Island. The crispy exterior and steamy pillow interior consumed me, as I it, from our first meeting. My man and I most recently were offered a gluten-free recipe for popovers by one of my dearest family friends. In our baking experimentation, we found that gluten-free popovers pop more daringly than their wheat-based cousins. Just look at these lovelies:

Perfectly popped despite your ignorance once the oven door shuts. Tradition is to serve them with butter and strawberry jam, and of course the beverage of choice is …

good coffee. This habit is quick to be adopted as routine for your weekend morning(s). And, of course, they are most delightfully consumed if the preceding night entailed nothing more than…

sitting on the sofa with your man, playing footsie, drinking red wine, listening to honey-toned music, and chatting about the deep and the shallow.

So, you can see why going to Carolina is more than a daydream, but a truly happy place in my heart.

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