A rose from any other garden

Oh, how I love roses – everything about roses: their intoxicating and feminine scent, their silky petals, their protective thorns, their hardiness despite their delicate image. They are so beautiful! But, the funny thing is that I do not like them from the florist. Not.at.all. I grew up with a large rose garden in the front garden and the scent and sight of the beautiful roses in the summer would waft into my bedroom. My mother would cut the roses and we would enjoy them fresh from the garden, or enjoy their natural bouquets on the bush. But, I must admit that the idea of florist-arranged bouquets is not a romantic one to me.

Recently, I revisited the National Botanical Gardens in Washington. The last time I went was in October when it was the last of the outdoor growing season, so my visit focused on the interior gardens. There is more to see in those interior gardens than an afternoon permits, so I decided to go back to the Botanical Gardens in early May. What I did not know is there are large gardens outside of the indoor exhibits. After taking in the vibrant gardens indoors, I wandered for a couple of hours through the outdoor gardens and discovered my new favorite place in Washington. This haven (no coincidence that haven is the word for garden in Danish) immediately reconnected my heart and mind in a calming effect.

There is not a type of rose I don’t like. I have seen beautiful wild roses on the coast and in the mountains and trained roses to grow up a trellis. Their cultivated colors dazzle. During my visit to the rose garden, I saw two bushes that really caught my eye for their individuality. They are not necessarily my favorite, but they are noteworthy. What flowers do you love? Are you as picky as I am about what flowers can (not) be cut and arranged, unless they are straight from the garden?

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2 thoughts on “A rose from any other garden

  1. these are beautiful. i love peonies. and i only really love full bouquets when the flowers are cut and presented. i’m glad you have such a pretty place to visit!

  2. I love.love peonies, too! Oh, so romantic and feminine! My parents have peonies in their yard that are cuttings from peonies that were in my great-grandmother’s yard. Lovely. I read Martha Stewart’s blog (guilty pleasure) and she recently had a post all about peonies:

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