I made it back from Bangkok Saturday afternoon. After what can only be described as a long effing haul. Friday was a long day of work and that evening my plane from Bangkok departed at 11:45pm. Normally, it is recommended to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of an international flight. This week was an exception, with the World Economic Forum in town (and all of the dignitaries leaving the same time as I was), it was recommended to allow four hours (!!) of pre-travel buffer: ride to the airport, security, and general early arrival. So, between the end of the work day and the beginning of even longer travel time, I decided to take advantage of one of the hotel’s amenities: Devarana Spa – one of the highest ranking spas in all of Southeast Asia. Good idea, me! Good. idea.

This was my first visit to a spa, and I can safely say it will not be my last. The session commenced with a lovely glass of iced rosella tea (typical beverage in the region). As I followed the specialist back to the treatment room, I could feel the stress of the past two weeks drip off my body. The next two hours were guiltless, self-indulgent bliss: foot reflexology massage followed by a replenishing marine facial – ahh! The two hours, wrapped up with a warming cup of bear nut tea, were just what I needed to face the upcoming 26+ hours (!!) of travel back to Washington.

The route to Washington connected in Seoul, and then it was a straight shot to Dulles. This 13 hour flight gave me plenty of time to nap, read some Hemingway, flip through the latest Elle Decor, and catch up on some movies. I was happy to see a few titles I had been wanting to watch. Two were particularly fabulous: W.E. (about Prince Edward and his love Wallis – the Duke and Duchess of Windsor), and Out of Africa. Both were dreamy, romantic movies with feminine strength that was just what I had been craving after two long weeks of work. Loved it! W.E was written and directed by Madonna – who knew she splashed into the film world?!. It was really, really well done – I did not want it to end. The characters were excellent, the story was captivating, and the music, filming, and costumes were perfect. And, Out of Africa is of course such a wonderful telling of Karen Blixen’s life in Kenya. You cannot go wrong with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Stunning scenery, excellent acting, and a touching story all around. Dreamy!

These two movies, and a recent reawakened connection to my maternal line, have sparked an upswing in my romantic, feminine¬†tendencies. Not that I had been previously unfeminine, but I am totally embracing the lessons I have learned from the two masters of strong feminine style in my life: my mother and my grandmother. This trend warrants its own post. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow….

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One thought on “self-indulgence

  1. Relaxing before traveling sounds like a really smart idea. I bet it was awesome. Foot reflexology? Wow.

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