hurry up and relax

I amready for a weekend. I am still living in the faster-than-desired lane, but am managing to have the most relaxed, blissful weekends with my man. Love it! This week got away from me with zero posts. I try not to do that, but sometimes it is inevitable. I am ready for a boring week or month or year. Do those exist?

Last weekend in Chapel Hill was fabulous. As my mother put it, I was busy “nest”ling – cute! We moved apartments in Chapel Hill and the new place is just right. Since my man had done almost all of the actual moving, I was primed to do all of the settling in, the fun part in my book. I love finding the perfect place for a vase, the food processor, winter sweaters. It just doesn’t get much better! Ever since I was a little girl I have LOVED organizing, rearranging furniture, and (re)decorating – my version of heaven! So, while it took about 10 hours to work through the boxes, the time flew by. I even think it was a good workout. Bonus.

In between unpacking, visualizing, moving and adjusting, and breaking down cardboard boxes, there was plenty of time for r&r. Regard…

So dreamy! I love, love Chapel Hill – the light, the people, the music, the drinks! We squeezed it all in. We even squeezed fresh lime and orange juice for some delicious (read: strong) margaritas. Our patio still needs a few flowers to look its best. That’s on the docket for this weekend. I’m hoping to have some before and after pictures for my next post.

What else is on the books for this weekend? One very important thing: a day trip to the coast for reading, relaxing, and lazing. I am also super looking forward to a phone date with one of my main ladies! Couldn’t get much better. What are your plans for the weekend?

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