In the process of refreshing, up next getting fresh

I told you my mission for the next few weeks and months – to get fresh and refresh. On the refresh side of things, I am well on my way to establishing an exercise routine – step one in this process. As I mentioned, I have been rather lax about my consistency over the past several months. I am not proud of it. There has been a lot (too much?) change in my life in the past 9-ish months and, admittedly, exercising has not surfaced as a constant through all of this. Time for a change! Week 1 of summer was time to hit the refresh button on all of this, and I am happy to say, I met my goal! Last week, my goal was to run four times, and it happened. I am especially proud of doing so when the heat and humidity took a sharp spike for the first time this year.

If you know me, you know it is safe to say that I am not a night owl, but not a morning person either. My ideal is to go to bed at midnight and wake up at 8am, but when I wake up at 8am, I feel like half the day has already slipped through my fingers. Getting up early requires an alarm, and even then, I prefer to laze in bed another 20 minutes before actually getting up. Couple that with the fact that it has been so hot and humid this week, thus necessitating morning runs, and you can see that running pre-workday is not my preferred M.O. Alas, that was the only option this week, and will continue to be the only option for the next few months of summer. It was time to saddle up – I took the bull by the horns and just did it (thanks, Nike). It also  helped A TON that my man would give me encouragement the night before to get up and run in the morning. His words of “I know you can do it” really helped – mushy but true! Admittedly, it is pretty great to run in the morning before the heat spikes and the shadows fade. And, there is the smug feeling you have all day. You can sit at your desk and think “Ha! I already worked out this morning – fabulous!” Of course the real test will be this week and next week. If I can make it three weeks of morning runs in a row, I think I’m good.

Runner’s World has a series of motivational posters on their website these days that are funny and encouraging. Here’s one that made me giggle:

In addition to running, I also got back into my weights routine and tossed some yoga in for good measure. It all felt pretty dang good – not that I wasn’t sore. I am psyched to build this base for the next four weeks and get used to it all before ramping up mileage. I am hoping summer travel doesn’t derail my my plan. If I can continue to flex my will-power and well-power muscle throughout various trips to see friends and family, all the better! And, as much as I hate to admit it, I think morning runs are the best way to ensure packing it all in at home and on vacation.

Since I vacillate between jumping in the deep end easing into things (with the idea that if you go all in, you are more likely to go all out more quickly). I’ve decided to do a bit of both. This past week was all about establishing an exercise routine – I jumped right into that going from no set workout routine, to 70 minutes exercise each day. I am going to stick with that deep plunge for ten days or two weeks before taking my next plunge of getting fresh with my food and meals. Hopefully by not plunging into both at once both will be more likely to stick.

Now, none of this is to say that I haven’t exercised at all up to this point (in fact this year I’ve averaged 46 min / day so far – I track these things – yeah, I’m nerdy like that), or that I eat disgusting food (my grandmother who is a nutritionist has taught me very well, and I live out those lessons to the point that people point it out). Rather, all of this is part of a quest to get into great shape physically and mentally before my man and I start to think very seriously about having liberal baby(ies). Also, I am turning 30 in October and it is my good goal to solidify these patterns and habits by then (for another post is that I might want to run a marathon and/or do a triathlon (both?) in my 30th year). Your 20s seem are meant for having fun and finding who you are and what priorities you have in life, but by 30 I think you have to start to get your act together. This is my attempt to do that on the health and wellness side of things. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

And, in theory, I don’t condone working out to have a free ticket on what you eat, I do like this poster:

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