I have not felt this sense of anticipation in a long time (is it that extra cup of coffee I drank after lunch?). Tomorrow I fly to Wisconsin by way of Minneapolis, meeting my man in the airport since we are flying from two different airports, to celebrate one of my best friends who will be married on Saturday –  so, so super fun! It brings back all of the thoughts and appreciation of my own wedding (just under two years ago) – one giant love fest! Remember my post earlier on about “Everybody all at once”? That idea of seeing everyone you know and love in one place  maybe the best part of a wedding. The ceremony is meaningful, the dress and decorations are fun, the music sets the mood. But to me, the best part was getting to celebrate with everyone who was there, to share some moments with them, and to celebrate this unique gift in life that we find someone we can walk with in the journeys of life. Sharing this time with many of the people we love beyond words was so intimately special – a treasure.

Karen – I am excited for you – one of those rare instances in life where it is a self-less, genuine happiness. This is going to be a kick-off of many incredible journeys to come!

When I get back I will fill you all in on the details of the celebration. Until then, I will be in a dreamy bliss over the philosophical musings of what love is and how lucky we are to know and experience love. I’ll share those thoughts when I get back from the great mid-west.

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