Still reveling

My friends – it has been the dreamiest past twelve days. When I last wrote, oh so long ago, I was getting ready to jump on a plane for one of my best lady friend’s wedding. And as I anticipated, it was such a fantastic weekend!

My man and I travelled from Chapel Hill and Washington, respectively, and met in the Minneapolis airport. It worked like a charm! We hopped in our rented Jetta and bopped over to Uptown to join the hippest of the hip in MPLS for brunch at French Meadow Bakery – yum! My man had one of his favorite things in the universe, a breakfast burrito, and I indulged in a delicious hemp bagel with lox, cream cheese, capers, onion, tomato, and dill. And of course you cannot be in MPLS more than a couple of hours before having a delicious cup of coffee (or two three).

After this breakfast of champions we headed over to the Walker Arts Center. Have you been there? If not, book your tickets to Minneapolis now – you’ll thank me. We wandered the sculpture garden for a couple of hours – lazily strolling the paths, talking to the other (art) lovers, and enjoying the breeze and shade. When the mercury started to rise, we headed to the drug store for some bottles of cold water and sunblock, and by then it was time to meet up with one our good buddies for lunch at The Local. We chatted, caught up, and enjoyed delicious food for a couple of hours before my man and I had to tootle down the road and our friend had to get back to work.

Our drive to Eau Claire was filled with a car-ride dance session to what we affectionately refer to as “party music” (Jay Z, Usher, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, Goyte, etc) and drooling over the beautiful Wisconsin landscape. My man and I were both convinced we were ready to move to this gorgeous state in about 12 seconds flat. We are both such romantics when it comes to rolling farm land interspersed with hardwood forests. And the barns – oh the barns! Lovely! We eagerly made our way east toward Eau Claire where we checked into the hotel and showered before heading to the church in the sweet town of Eleva for the rehearsal.

The rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, getting ready for the wedding (hair, make-up, dressing), and the actual wedding were a.mazing. So well planned and so personal – it all seemed like an extension of my friend and her new husband. It was so fun to be a part of it, but the best part was watching how happy they were/are as a couple – pure love! I love love and I could not get enough of it that weekend … ahh.

After these two and a half dreamy days in Wisconsin, my man and I headed back to our cities on the east coast. Just two days later, I trekked down to Chapel Hill for four and a half more days of bliss. Fourth of July was uneventful other than being the perfect opportunity to enjoy the warm weather by grilling, making popsicles (hibiscus-pomegranate), and enjoying cool bevvies on the patio with my man. We had thought we would make it to the coast, but it was actually too hot for the coast (this is a foreign concept to me). With more than just a weekend in Chapel Hill, we had time to fall revive our regular pattern of dinners, errands, conversations, relaxing, and generally being together – so nice.

We rounded out the weekend with some gardening, baking (cherry pie), ice-cream-making (honey-lavender), grilling, running, cocktail-making (pomegranate margaritas), working out, and buying a few “adult” items for our apartment (a striking painting from a local co-op gallery in Chapel Hill and a beautiful new dresser). I’m not sure what else we could have fit in our long weekend. It was all a blissful, lazy blur.

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One thought on “Still reveling

  1. Thank you for the kind words! We were so glad that you two could be there to share it with us! It meant so much to have you there. Your time in Chapel Hill sounds amazing. I want to hear more about the ice-cream making! Keep writing… 🙂

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