Coffee kisses

Today is Saturday – the day I reserve for going out for a fantastic coffee. It’s not that during the week I drink the dregs, but Saturdays are the perfect candidate for a slow start to the morning, an afternoon outing, or a quiet evening – an opportunity to find the best latte in town. Today I set out fairly late – post dinner. I like after-dinner coffees out. It begs a relaxed stroll or a lazy bike ride. The rush to get the first caffeine of the day is sated, the haste of the day has passed. Instead, there is a relaxation, a settling-in for the rest of the evening, a sense of accomplishment and glow from the day, and an eager drawing up of new plans for tomorrow. The people-watching is completely different, too. In place of colleagues and commuters struggling to wake up on the way to the office are couples out for dinner, singles looking for their next stop of the night, and people catching up on their reading or writing of the day.

Admittedly, I am still searching for the perfect DC latte. I like Peregrine in Eastern Market, but still pine for my favorite haunts in Minneapolis (Spytown), New York (Oren’s), Copenhagen (Cafe Europa), and Boulder (Spruce Confections). Perhaps this should be a game, a challenge. While my man and I are in the middle of long-distance, I need a sense of adventure to keep me going sometimes. And, I’ve been rather remiss in posting about my eponymous Friday fikas. Keep your eyes peeled, the quest begins now.

One of my favorite things about drinking coffee, besides the taste, the ritual, the social nature, the warmth in your hand, the smell (that is a lot of favorite things), is the coffee kiss.

That trace of lipstick left marking which mug is mine. The hue can be a reflection of the mood of the day: nude attitude for a little sass, raspberry rush for fast-paced feminism, la pausa to slow the day to a sensuous speed, caractere to pour on the panache. Don’t you just love the names for lipstick (and nail polish for that matter)! Today’s coffee kiss is fitting, stormy pink. I spent the day dodging little storms while out and about in the city on my bicycle. Also, it has been a mixed week, so when I headed out for a coffee this evening, I decided to primp a bit more than I necessarily otherwise would have to lift the mood and the storm clouds to make way for a brighter week next week.
How about you? Does your coffee kiss reflect your mood?
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One thought on “Coffee kisses

  1. What a great post! You really nailed down the satisfying feeling of having the perfect coffee in the midst of a busy life. I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s the caffeine I love or just the ritual… And the smell. I bet you were super cute! Hope you really enjoyed the time.

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