circling the wagons

I cannot really explain the last month (!) of absence. This would never fly in school. Or work. Or life. So, blogworld, I apologize. However, I can say that some pretty great things have happened in the last month. My man and I went to South Dakota for a bit over a week for some r+r with our families. We are fortunate enough that both sets of our parents live within 12 miles of each other. And, yes, your deductive skills are probably working snappily to intuit that we knew each other growing up (mostly as friends in high school) – cute, right?! While we were there we did nothing but enjoy family, relax, chat, play, and eat good food.

We went to a cave with two of my man’s cousins who were visiting from Denmark, and his brother. Jewel Cave is the second largest cave in the world. While it isn’t the most stunning cave, it is really pretty dang cool. The highlight of the cave tour was toward the end when the guide was wrapping-up her talk. She asked the group, “Why do you think we keep exploring the cave?” Without skipping a beat, the 15-year old guy in a hoodie and thick-rimmed glasses from the rear of the pack answered, “Imperialism”. So, so funny. I think my man and I were the only ones to hear the retort.

We also spent quite a lot of time with my folks at their new cabin in the Black Hills. It is gorgeous. Just look at the views they have from their entire wall of windows. Incredible! I am very happy for them and this investment in family time they have made. I can hardly wait for all of the future gatherings there! On our way back to town we even found a secret wild raspberry patch. Bliss. I even went with my Moma to her water exercise class – these ladies can move! It was definitely a fun workout and I want to do it again.

After this perfect week we took a road trip to the mountains of Colorado for an extended family reunion. If there is one thing I LOVE on a road trip, it is an ice cream snickers bar … so. so. good. It was great to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins’ children. How fun to see the next generation. After a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit I decided I would volunteer to organize the next reunion in 2014 – I am very excited! It will be a challenge to decide where it will be, but I think there are plenty of amazing options. If any of you have ideas for places for a 3-day reunion that isn’t too far a drive from Kansas/Oklahoma, let me know!

Since returning at the beginning of August, I’ve been back to work and enjoying a few short-stay guests. One was my cousin sister and her boyfriend. We had a great time cycling around Washington seeing the monuments, and we ate at a place that serves only pies – savory, sweet – what a great idea! I have also seen one of my brothers and my man this past weekend. These visits have been so wonderfully timed! It really gives a good lift to the end of the summer. There is one more trip I’m planning for August and a little getaway for Labor Day, and then I am excited to welcome in autumn and its cooler temps, cozy evenings, and warming foods.

How has the end of summer been for you? Are you feeling the itch to move on to the next season? Personally, I am so excited for some cooler running temps.

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