stressful summer, or, why family and good friends are so important

The second half of summer has not been as conducive to consistent blogging as I would have liked. There has been quite a lot of fun travel, but quite a lot of stress, too. Two recent posts in the blog-o-sphere have inspired me to be more open in the blogging forum. So, after quite a few days of silence (again), I am attempting to get back on the figurative blogging bicycle.

I just returned from a long weekend in Maine spent with my grandmother and cousin sister. It was just what I needed. Good conversation with a practical, carpe diem grandmother, and lazy chatting with my spunky 20-year old sister (biologically my cousin, a mere technicality). What a world of difference this weekend made to melt away the stress and anxiety I’ve been wading through the last few weeks. It has been one weird thing after another. So, this four day retreat came at just the right time to ground me and give me a boost. It made me realize how important people you know and trust are to our well-being. They are there for you to share thoughts and concerns without fear of judgement. They are there when you need a hug or a cheeky reality check. I need more of this in my life.

The challenge is that my best support system, my husband, is not around all of the time. Yes, we talk every night and text constantly throughout the day. But, sometimes you just need a hug. So, as much as I have tried to view this long-distance stint as an adventure, I think it is taking a toll on me. But, it is really hard sometimes. And not only in the “I miss him” kind of ways. But, having someone there for you, looking you in they eyes and saying, “everything is okay – we are here, now”. So, we will see what happens.

What do you do to cope with the everyday stress and anxiety of life? I’ve been really glad to have a running plan. And, I can say that I have been sticking to it (mostly). This past weekend in Maine got me geared up for the half-marathon I’m running there in mid-October. Good motivation. I’ve also started taking deliberate chunks of time for deep breathing, yoga, and/or meditation. And, there is always some good stand-up clip on Comedy Central. But above all, the best relief from stress is a chat with a loved one – family or friend. Someone who knows just what to say to ease your mind. This whole stress and anxiety thing is new to me and I am not eager for it to be a regular part of life, so I’d love to hear what other de-stressing tips do you know and practice?

So, until the next blog post (no more two-week gaps), I’ll be trying to stay chill in this end-of-summer heat.

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3 thoughts on “stressful summer, or, why family and good friends are so important

  1. Sometimes, you do just need a hug. Here’s a big one: (HHHHHHUUUUUUGGGGGGGG). Sorry if that was too cheesy! You put your thoughts in that post so well. My suggestions aren’t original, but I kind of lean on these throughout the school year… baths with nice salts, short and do-able projects, lighter reading, walks with another person or on the phone, and my yoga class. I used to burrow in, but I feel better after getting out (even just to yoga). Every now and then, I journal to sort things out. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the hug – so nice from a close friend! And, I like your ideas and will try them out! I think another important one for me is nature. There is something so reifying about nature, an assurance that there is something greater than my own concerns. HHHHUUUUGGGG back to you 🙂

  2. 1) Yes! I want cooler weather!
    2) Pies? That sounds amazing. Next time I’m in DC, let’s go there.

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