fall knocks on summer’s door

Friends, are you as ready for autumn as I am? Yesterday rains and winds swept through the southern mid-Atlantic coast. It was as if Mother Nature tapped summer on the shoulder and said, “Okay dear, it’s getting late, and I think you’ve been here long enough.” For this, I am glad. And, thank goodness we have seasons. It’s been a steamy summer and I think many of us are ready for the progression into autumn. These cycles keep our appreciation of what has been, what is, and what is to come. During these transitions, it’s fun to take advantage of some of the best parts of the two over-lapping seasons. You can cozy up to a cup of hot coffee (because the appeal of iced coffee is waning), yet go for a run or hike in shorts. You can still enjoy beautiful blooms before October frosts nip the growing season in the bud. And, you can start to bake some of those warming flavors from fresh fruits before turning to summer’s preserved flavors that winter cooking relies on.

Autumn invites us to enjoy cool temperatures and inspiring crispness. It is also a time of turning inward and exploring more introspective habits, balancing the prior months of extroverted summer. My man just snapped a few pictures that beautifully bridge summer to fall. Last weekend we transitioned from summer blooms of zinnias and violets to bronze and purple mums. It has certainly cooled off in Chapel Hill, but there is still plenty of time for some iced tea on the porch.

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